Maori Postal Aotearoa

Maori Postal Aotearoa is a society incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act, 1957, and functions as a Gospel literature outreach to people throughout Aotearoa. The society produces material that is available to all groups who desire to use it. 

Paipera Tapu

maori bible tru tone.jpg
maori bible tru tone.jpg

Paipera Tapu


The first Bible in te Reo Maori was published in 1868, and revised in 
1889 and again in 1924. In 1946, as a result of advances in biblical and 
Maori language scholarship, a committee which included Sir Apirana 
Ngata began working on a further revision which was published 
in 1952. Now, we’ve released that same 1952 edition with the most 
significant updates in 60 years. The new edition of Te Paipera Tapu 
has been fully reformatted for today’s Maori language reader.
Features of the new edition:
• Exact text of 1952 Paipera Tapu
• Much easier to read with larger and clearer font
• Macrons to indicate vowel length
• Revised punctuation and the addition of speech marks 
• Inclusion of section headings and paragraphing
• Inclusion of Old Testament and New Testament maps

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